Infidelity and the Sexless Marriage

Infidelity is actually a result of a sexless marriage. Yes, admit it or not, a sexless marriage can make your spouse unfaithful. Having no sex in a marriage can be caused by a lot of factors but you should know that it’s the fault of both of you. It may be you whose hindering sex or your partner but keep in mind that both of you is to blame for the situation and you two should be the one to resolve this. If you think that you are the only one seeing this as a problem, make ways to tell your partner about it. Deal with it as a serious matter.

A sexless marriage may be ok for now but if your partner have already chose to see someone else, will you still be ok with that? One thing that you should do is to prevent this from happening. Most of the time, it is the partner who feels deprived of sex that goes unfaithful. Because he/she has a need that his/her current spouse cannot satisfy, they seek other people that can satisfy them. They are not happy with cheating on you but you are the one pushing them to do it. They don’t want you to get hurt.

If you are the one who have cheated, think about ending your affair. You have a family and you might be the one causing it to break. Think about the reason why you cheated? Is it about sex? have you tried talking to your partner about it? Sometimes, we tend to think that sex is not a serious thing but don’t you think that this is actually the reason for your infidelity? Sex is actually a serious matter and you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, most especially with your partner. Come to think about it, if you think about sex as a small thing to deal with, then why is it causing your marriage to fall out? If you feel deprived of your needs, its your responsibility to fulfill it through the most legal way. No one is blaming you for cheating, but you are the one who’s responsible for your actions and you may have a reason for cheating that is still not enough for you to be excused from doing it.

Life is full of challenges and think of this situation as a challenge. If you are in the process of feeling deprived and unloved, think of ways into bringing back passion into your marriage. If you already cheated, end your affair and start your relationship with your wife or husband all over again. Admit your mistakes and make it a point that you have asked for forgiveness from your spouse. Bringing back a broken doesn’t happen overnight or was it easy, but the thing is its never impossible. If the reason is sex, then talk about it and come into terms about it. Make an agreement about it. And the most important of all, strengthen your love for each other, that way you can keep each other and never be lured into infidelity.